Researchers in Japan certainly think so.

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I am going bald and have been since I was in my mid-20’s. When it first started, I, like many others, dreaded the thought of losing all my hair. To combat this I grew my hair long to cover up my receding forehead, when it was windy I would end up looking like a windswept rhino which looking back on it now, is pretty hilarious.

My brother is receding, my dad is bald, my grandfather was bald and so was his father before him. …

The way the vaccine works is actually pretty incredible

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I’ve recently come across a few snippets here and there about how the vaccines from the likes of Moderna and Pfizer actually work, and to be honest, it’s amazing. So I thought I would break it down into something a little easier to read than all the other articles I’ve seen that are full of scientific jargon.

I should note that I am not an expert here. I’m just a guy who finds this kind of thing super interesting. I’ve gone through multiple sources to break it down in an as-easy-to-understand as possible so you don’t have to.

How your immune system works

Basically, if…

It started small but ended in violence

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I was once in an abusive relationship.

When I tell people this story they always ask, without fail, “Why did you stick around so long?”

I look back on that time in my life and I can’t give an honest answer, I just simply don’t know. On reflection, I think it was probably to do with low self-esteem, thinking I probably couldn’t do any better.

A little bit about the woman my friends and I now refer to as “The Nutter,” she was much older than me, 13 years in fact. We got together when I was a 22-year-old kid…

I was bullied as a redhead in the British school system, has anything changed since I’ve grown older?

Photo by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho on Unsplash

“Fatty”, “four-eyes”, “crater-face”, “carrot-top”.

These are likely some of the insults you would have heard while in high school. They were perhaps not directed at you but to someone you knew. You might even have been the one saying them.

I’m lucky enough to have been blessed with red hair, although I didn’t always count myself as being lucky. In the British school system, victimisation of gingers is highly prevalent and has even led to fatalities.

The discrimination, rather unsurprisingly, stems from…

Think you like beer? Well, the Czechs have you beat.

Photo by radovan on Unsplash

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the Czech Republic, you soon come to the realisation that beer is heavily ingrained in the culture and has been for hundreds of years. In fact, since living here I’ve found nowhere else on Earth with such a devotion to the beverage.

Originally from London, UK, I’ve lived in the Czech Republic since 2012, and I’ve been known to enjoy a pint or two in my time. The Czechs are famous for consuming more beer per capita than any other nation on Earth. …

Duncan King

I'm originally from London and have lived in Prague, Czech Republic since 2012. I write about my experiences here as well as the topics that interest me most.

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